New Pool Construction

Cutting Edge builds gunite swimming pools with the most up-to date materials and processes in the swimming pool industry. The re-enforced concrete shell has a p.s.i. rating of 5000 lbs/sqft, more than twice that of standard concrete. We engineer every pool to ensure they are strong as well as looking great.


Swimming Pool Repair

Cutting Edge offers a full range of pool repair services. Because we actually build swimming pools ourselves (rather than just passing the job onto someone else) we have a sound understanding of how they should function. Our years of experience mean we can repair virtually any problem that you may have. We are also a Pentair Pool Equipment warranty station.


Water Features and Faux Rock

For more than a decade Cutting Edge have been creating water features using faux rocks. Whether you need a small water feature or a full rock waterfall we have the expertise to do this for you.



Full Landscaping Service

Landscaping is vital, it will accentuate your swimming pool and make your garden far more enjoyable. Gardens are meant to be enjoyed and they are far more enjoyable when they are laid out properly. With over 15 years of experience in landscaping we can lend our expertise to making sure your St George property looks as beautiful as it should.